Jeanette Bowen

Dance – For The Health Of It!!!     (Jeanette’s theme/motto)

Jeanette is a line dance instructor based in the Chattanooga Area.  She has two line dance clubs in the area, as well as does a lot of guest instructing for various organizations, as well as for individual parties, etc.

Jeanette has a background in fitness.  She has been a certified group fitness instructor for over 20 years and a Certified Personal Trainer for approximately 5 years.  Her passion is fitness, and line dancing is one way that she has been able to reach out to yet a  group of individuals to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

She has been a line dance instructor for over five years.

No matter what your mood when you arrive, you will leave with a smile on your face.
Fun AND Fitness – You can’t beat it!!

For more information, please contact Jeanette at:

And remember Jeanette’s motto:   “Dance – For The Health Of It!!!”