Patrice Chollet

Patrice became interested in C/W dance in 1993 while living in PA, USA.  IN 1997 he and his wife, Isabelle , moved back to France.   C/W dance was just becoming popular and he founded his own Country Dancing classes.  In 1997 he met Robert Wanstreet (the then NTA EU/CON/S Zone Director) and became acquainted with the NTA.

In 2003 he relocated to the UK and then moved back to France in 2008 and has been teaching dance classes ever since.  He has been active in the NTAFS an affiliate of the NTA in France.  IN 2011 Patrice was appointed the NTA Zone EU/CON/S director, replacing Robert Wanstreet who had recently passed away.

5, impasse des Pres`
77300 Fontainebleau
Phone   0033 – 160715190
e-mail   Patrice.nta@gmail.com