Zone W Director

Mike Salerno has been the NTA State Director / Co-Director for Kansas since April 1998. Mike’s search for quality information lead him to the NTA and its Accreditation program. He attended his first NTA Convention in 1998 and has attended each Annual Convention/Dance Camp since. He began working through all the available levels of the NTA Accreditation program, as well as the NTA Apprenticeship program, and is Accredited as a Level III Dance Instructor through NTA and serves on the NTA Dance Committee. Mike and his wife, Heather, teach and test through Couples Level I of the NTA Accreditation program. Mike has been teaching dance since age 15 and has been a Square Dance Caller since 1975. He taught various types of dancing within the square dance activity and continued to add more styles of dancing to his repertoire. Mike currently teaches a full schedule of dance classes throughout Northeast Kansas as well as travels to regional dance events. He also holds a 1st degree black belt in Karate and Aikido. Mike believes in passing on the knowledge he has received from the NTA and its members to all his students.

P.O. Box 2685
Topeka, KS. 66601-2685
Home - (785) 273-4648
Work - (785) 296-5749
e-mail:  ksdanceguy@aol.com