Teaching Manuals

These Teachers Manuals are great teaching tools. They contain standardized terminology, proper dance positions, music structure, dance fundamentals, and School Figures in the couple dances. The School Figures (Basic Patterns) are arranged in series of five per dance per Level (Level I through Level V).

Teaching manuals are being revised.  Return to this page soon for updates.

NEW REVISED NTA Dance Terminology Booklet

The NEW REVISED Terminology Booklet is filled with MANY MORE of the most used terms plus four Appendix pages. NTA volunteers have worked hard to research and standardize proper dance terms for dances. While we respect a choreographers dance description sheets as they have prepared them, we also strive to explain to our students the proper names as well as the proper technique to these dance moves.

This Booklet will assist you in explaining both the proper names and the maybe more popular name. It doesn’t cover every term we know but it includes a great amount of variety.

The cost through PayPal is $26.50 and includes handling and postage.

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Corrections to errors found in the Dance Terminology Booklet can be found here.

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