Accreditation Program (Teacher Training)

The NTA established the Accreditation Program (Teacher Training) as a way of developing better, more knowledgeable dancers and more capable teachers. The teaching manuals contain dance and music fundamentals, standardized terminology, proper dance positions, as well as school figures for the couple dances. The school figures (basic patterns) are arranged in a series of five per dance level (Level I through Level V).

The Accreditation Program is a form of certification that uses a rating system to give teachers goals to work toward to further their education in dance and dance instruction. Once the teacher passes and apprentices at each level, he/she may qualify to teach and test at that level. When all levels have been completed, he/she is then qualified to teach and test at every level and will become a member of the Dance Committee. The first five exams (Dance Fundamentals I through Dance Fundamentals V) deal with terminology and basic dance movements and music structure. Levels I through V include the school figures in the couple dances.

NTA workshops are designed to assist teachers to become well versed in all aspects of technique and training and to prepare them to take the various exams. (Exams are not compulsory.) The workshops are comprised of basic formats that give specific examples of material needed to pass the examinations.

Because teachers need to know the basics of all Country Western dances to be proficient, the NTA encourages instructors to attend workshops and to read the manuals and dance terminology booklet. It is very important for those who teach others to stay on the cutting edge of the latest developments in the dance form. If you would like to include an Accreditation Teacher Training Workshop at your event, or if you would like to host a special workshop, please contact:

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