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NTA Zone Director, EU/CON/S

Happier New Year 2021

Please stay safe and healthy during this unique time in history.A time when we realize how dancing is important to our lives, with a majority of facilities closed around the world.

NTA training and testing activities are pretty much on hold as well, but we are busy imagining alternative ways of continuing our mission.

Take care

Special Kind of People

Dancers know that they are a special kind of people. It is evident by the way they dance, by the way they care for others, and by the way they share their dancing
with others. Some people might debate whether folks are special
because they dance or dance because they are special.

Dancing has always been a part of human socialization.… Read the rest

Learning to Learn

Condensed from an article by W. Westfiel

Perfecting your dancing skills is made hard or easy by your talent for learning.  If you are a good learner, it‘s a snap; whereas if you are a poor or slow learner, it can be a struggle.  Dancing itself is simple, but learning to learn is tricky since we all excel at making things more difficult than they really are. … Read the rest


By Patrice Chollet

NTA will attain 40 years of experience in this new year. 40 years which have witnessed outstanding changes in music and line dancing, and yet NTA is leading the way still and acts as our personal coach to developing our technique and esthetics while dancing.

Thanks to all the people who care for NTA and make it thrive, starting with Kelly, our President, whose contribution to our craft is second to none, Karin from the business office, our directors from many zones and countries who are volunteering to promote the NTA spirit and image and/or train dancers all year long.… Read the rest


From NTA   

Its HERE, finally the 2019 NTA Terminology Book. 

Get yours today!!

We are happy to announce the revised terminology Booklet is completed. If you liked the old one you will love the new revised version.  It has 80 pages of old and new terms with several pages of basic music information and some charts on the 8 basic couple dances which includes rhythm calls, counts and timings and weight changes.… Read the rest

The Hemispheres of the Brain

I have been dancing since a very young age and teaching many forms of dance since my teens.  I also participated in several sports as an instructor…I found this material in an old snow skiing manual.  I thought it was interesting enough that you might enjoy it also.  It pertains to issues that are in all forms of dance and sports.… Read the rest