A Worldwide Personal Trainer and Coach Program for dancers incorporating many styles of dance.
A Worldwide Personal Trainer and Coach Program for dancers incorporating many styles of dance.

Our Mission

The National Teacher’s Association for Country-Western Dance (NTA) is a nonprofit, international dance education organization intent on improving the quality of dance and dance instruction. It is made up of volunteers who support and promote dance education and social dance. The NTA provides workshops and publications focusing on standard dance terminology and up-to-date technique and styling. Recognizing the influence of many dance forms, NTA maintains a solid foundation of core knowledge as dance evolves.


The National Teacher’s Association for Country-Western Dance (NTA) has been promoting dance and quality dance education since 1986. Although the name NTA suggests that it is only open to teachers, this international non-profit organization welcomes anyone who loves to dance.  The NTA has cooperatively developed standardized terminology and school figures to enable teachers to provide more effective instruction in the art and practice of Country Western dancing. For those wishing to learn proper dance technique, the NTA has become an excellent reference source. In addition, membership broadens opportunities to network and build friendships with other dancers and dance teachers worldwide.

The NTA is headed by well-respected, seasoned professionals who donate their time and talents toward the common goal of educating dancers. Some of today’s UCWDC (United Country Western Dance Council) judges and world champion dancers are currently members of the NTA. The organization emphasizes safe and natural methods for mastering correct technique at all levels.

For those who wish to obtain NTA accreditation status, training is regularly offered at workshops. Workshops are a fun and interactive way to encourage better technique for participants, from beginners through professionals. While it is not a goal for all members, accreditation significantly enhances the credibility of a professional teacher’s résumé. Annual NTA meetings (NTA Dance Camps) are held each year. State, Country, Province, and Zone Directors periodically hold local and regional meetings, keeping members informed of workshops or dance events that may be held in conjunction with those meetings.

NTA members receive many other benefits upon joining. Informative quarterly online newsletters and regularly updated dance manuals keep members abreast of the latest trends in teaching and styles of dance. In addition, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC music licensing is available at discounted rates to all USA NTA members.* Membership cards are issued to new members and may be renewed annually.** Membership directories are also available on request.

* Licenses are good for a period of one year from January 1st -December 31st, on a non-prorated basis.

** Your membership card number should be used on all correspondence with the NTA business office.

Changes to membership cards can only be made at the time of renewal.
There are no joint memberships.