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One advantage of your NTA membership is access to the quarterly newsletter. Below is a sample of an NTA newsletter. They cover January-February-March, April-May-June, July-August-September, and October-November-December.
(In the past newsletters came out bi-monthly.)


Editor’s Note:

This newsletter is available quarterly (January, April, July, and October) online in the Member’s Area (Private) section for members only. Members not having online access can request their newsletters be mailed to them.

All statements included herein are those of the person submitting the information unless clearly identified as official guidelines or policies of the NTA. Distribution of photocopies of parts or all of the newsletter is permitted, except previously copyrighted material when noted. All information for inclusion must be received by the editor at least 60 days prior to the month of requested publication. Articles must contain the typed name and address of the person submitting the information. Please include both day and evening e-mail addresses so we can contact you if necessary.

The Editor reserves the right to delete any material judged to be inappropriate due to use of language, or felt to be detrimental to any individual or organization.

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