A Worldwide Personal Trainer and Coach Program for dancers incorporating many styles of dance.
A Worldwide Personal Trainer and Coach Program for dancers incorporating many styles of dance.

NTA Testing Requirements

There are procedures set forth for the testing of NTA Accreditation. The following requirements must be met before any test is administered.

1. Proof of Membership
Everyone must be able to provide proof of current NTA membership via a membership card with your membership number and an expiration date. Verification of membership through the NTA business office can also be done in advance of the workshop and testing session. You may join NTA right before testing by providing your tester with a completed membership application along with cash or a check made out to NTA for your membership. If your membership expires you must renew your membership immediately and contact the NTA Dance Committee for instructions on maintaining your accreditation.

2. Proof of Accreditation Level
If previously accredited through certain levels you must provide proof of your current level of accreditation via your certificate from your last test or refresher course completed within the last three years. If more than three years has passed since you tested or refreshed you must contact your NTA Dance Committee for instructions.

3. Testing Costs
Everyone must pay their Dance Committee tester the set amount for each test before they are issued any test. There is a pricing structure for each level of accreditation. These prices are subject to change with time and the updating of program.
(Make checks payable to your tester)

Pricing Structure

Dance Fundamental I, II, III, IV-A, IV-B & V = $30 (25 Euros) each test
School Figures Level I–A, Level 1-B, Level 1-C, and Level 1-D and above = $30 (25 Euros)

The following levels are in the process of being developed and/or revised and prices are not known at this time.

Two hour courses are $30 (25 Euros).
CAP (Continuing Accreditation Program) sessions are $30 (25 Euros).