A Worldwide Personal Trainer and Coach Program for dancers incorporating many styles of dance.
A Worldwide Personal Trainer and Coach Program for dancers incorporating many styles of dance.

The Hemispheres of the Brain

I have been dancing since a very young age and teaching many forms of dance since my teens.  I also participated in several sports as an instructor…I found this material in an old snow skiing manual.  I thought it was interesting enough that you might enjoy it also.  It pertains to issues that are in all forms of dance and sports.

George Prince says in an article of ―Training Magazine‖: ―I believe that we all come into this world able to use both hemispheres of the brain comfortably and effortlessly.  Because of the ease of operation that nature engineered and intended, we learn and grow in childhood at phenomenal rates.  We learn with such incredible skill that, without anyone telling us directly, we somehow become hemisphere, being in charge of the operation, becomes expert at shutting down right hemisphere action.  By the time we become older, rate of learning slows down condiserably; by age 15 or so, we effectively shut down and are behaving like ‗normal grown up.‘ This is to say that we are usiing somewhere between 5-20% of our potential.  Maslov‘s model indicates that we perform somewhere between 40 and 50% of our full potential. Though figures of how persons make use of their potential don‘t always agree, they all agree that we at any given time perform at less than our potential.

The frightening realization for athletes is that movement is entirely a function of right brain hemisphere and that portion of our cortex harboring the automated performance reflexes.  Yet instucitonal practices largely ignore this knovledge and are addressing the left brain hemisphere when training movement!‖

Left Hemisphere (Controls right side of the body) Right Hemisphere (Controls left side of the body )
Translations Holistic Grasping
Logical/Analytical/Srmantic/Precise Sound/Music
Reading/Writing/Counting Wholesness -Connectedness
Precision Hologrpahic/Perception/ Recoginition/Like and Dislike/ Non Linearity
Right/Wrong   Yes/No   Black/White Ambiguity – Assocation
Temporal Ordering Many Meanings/Spontaneity/ Simultaneity
Sequence Intuition